Marcus Lawrence

"I've known Braden since 2016 and from the day I met him, I learned he's very passionate and driven. We were college teammates from 2016-2017 and then I coached him from 2017-2018. Our friendship has done nothing but grown. When Braden puts his mind to something, he's capable of accomplishing anything that faces him. That same passion he put in for basketball shows in his 1Step business. From the minute he started this journey, I wanted to be a part of it. If you're looking to challenge yourself mentally and physically, this is the program for you.

Sydney Burkhart

"1Step Training has helped me love the gym again. Getting a new workout plan every 6 weeks keeps things fun and challenging. Every day of the week is different, and I love pushing myself to see what my body can accomplish. I no longer feel like I have to go to work out, rather I'm excited that I get to workout every day!"

Ariel Sanchez

"Before starting with 1Step, I was already going to the gym but couldn't see the results I wanted. After going through Braden's program, I saw progress not only on my physique and weight but also with my mental health as well. I started to lift heavier and see results I wouldn't have thought I could accomplish. Braden knows his stuff and if you ever need motivation, he is a text or phone call away to give it to you."